Finance Budget Analyst


Brief Summary

Finance Budget Analyst JOB DUTIES: Lead the department financial management effort. Orchestrate planning, forecasting, and executing the financial plan for managed components and products. Develop and forecast department-level expenses for areas including software, third party, travel & training, etc. Provide consultation and recommendation on creation, modification, or retirement of components and products. Assess and report effects of department decisions on ITS expenses and customer billing rates. Lead the annual budgeting and pricing exercise to ensure IT expenses are accurately associated with the correct services and customers. Provide man-hour-related data reporting and analysis to support ongoing department initiatives. Oversee the department workforce plan, report results, and manage forecasts. Provide across the board ad hoc support to executive and manager information requests. Make recommendations that facilitate business decisions and inter- and intra-company business applications. Minimum Requirements: Bachelors degree or equivalent work experience 6+ years relevant business support and/or general analysis experience. Understanding of the ITS financial model including product, component, and department groupings. Preferred Skills and Physical Requirements: Strong collaborative skills; Demonstrated adaptability; Wide analytical background; Experience interacting with mid-level executives; Exceptional oral and written communication and leadership skills; Financial acumen; Experience working with IT operations, applications areas and the Senior Financial Officer (SFO).