Technical Writer


Brief Summary

Technical Writer Technical Requirements: Supplier resources will have the following skills / experience / background: • Proven ability to write and edit technical documents • Three years experience writing, preparing, compiling and maintaining complex documentation such as Process Trees, Flow Charts, System Specifications, Feasibility Studies, and Functional Requirements descriptions Tasks: The following itemized tasks are to be provided by Supplier in the performance of Services described under this JOB DESCRIPTION. Task #1: Technical Writer Documentation • The purpose of this task is to document processes, procedures, policies, and meeting minutes, newsletters, intra/internet content. This task includes but is not limited to: • Identification, analysis and research information such as work processes and business requirements. • Written, revised and maintained procedures resulting from new process-related project outputs and process revisions. • Completed tested and validated content of procedures. • Documented new or changed policies, processes or procedures. Coordinate, document and communicate the implementation of the new or revised procedures.