Data Wrangler Junior


Brief Summary

Data Wrangler Junior Role Description: The Junior Data Wrangler will integrate and leverage data and analytics to drive improved and personalized customer experiences within the Enterprise Data and Analytics Transformation Journey. This role will provide deep data, data mining, and statistical analysis skills as a junior data wrangler in order to assist in the development of descriptive and predictive analytics. The Junior Data Wrangler will leverage their strong communication and interpersonal skills to serve as a liaison between the business analyst community and the IT team to understand business needs and translate them into data analysis requirements and analytic solutions. Once business understanding has been gained, the resource will assist in source data acquisition, preparation, integration, exploration, mining, and statistical analysis to identify a data profile, identify patterns, and perform feature development and selection in preparation for predictive modeling and machine learning around enterprise use cases. Key Responsibilities include: i. Working with business stakeholders to identify and refine enterprise use cases for machine learning and predictive analytics ii. Identify and translate business requirements into data analysis and data acquisition requirements iii. Assist in the acquisition, transformation, and preparation of enterprise and bank data for analysis and mining iv. Use statistical techniques to profile, mine, and gain deeper understanding of the data to meet and refine the business requirements v. Prepare data for usage in predictive modeling and machine learning vi. Assist data scientist in the development and hardening of predictive models and machine learning algorithms Key Technical Skills include: i. Hadoop ii. Horton Data Platform iii. SQL iv. Python v. Hive vi. Map Reduce vii. Data Integration viii. Data Profiling ix. Data Mining x. Descriptive Analytics xi. BI Tools xii. SPSS